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Question and Answers

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How to become a user and what does it cost

You become a registered user by filling out a simple regitration form. Click on the Account link in the top menu and you will enter the registration process. Another method would be to just navigate around. When you enter a service which demands authorization, you will find a link to registration on the logon screen.

After you have registered you will receive an email with username and password just within a couple of seconds. In order for this to work, you have to register a correct email address.

It is 100% free of charge to be a registered user on this system. It is also 100% free to buy and sell. In addition, Sellers are not allowed to add auction fees to the bids you enter, so if you win the auction of an item, all you might have to pay in addition to your bid is shipment and a low expedition fee. Such fees have to be specified by the seller in the description of the item or in his general message, also displayed on the bid screen.

I have a username and password, but I am not able to log in

If it is more than 4 weeks since you registered and you have never used the system, your account has been automatically removed. Just register once more.

Also, remember that passwords are case sensitive.

I forgot my password

Click here. We will send you a new one!

I am not granted access to the Sell pages

If you are not a resident of one of the the Scandinavian countries, we by default don't allow you to sell through our systems.

Send us an email describing what you want to do and who you are, and we will consider to open your account for selling.

  • Think twice before entering bids
  • Read the description of the item carefully. Also read the message from the seller, if present, below the bidding form. This message might contain delivery conditions and so on.
  • If the item is a standard item, you might enter the highest acceptable price at once. The system will make sure that you don't have to pay more than absolutely neccessary.
  • Use the Status function in order to keep updated about your bids
  • After you have used the system for a while, you might consider to go back to the registration form (account) in order to adjust the settings for which emails you want to receive and so on.
  • To keep updated about items of your interest, we suggest you use the Agent.
  • If you have a bad internet connection, you could turn off the automatic viewing of images on the bid screen by changing your settings in Account.
  • Provide detailed descriptions of your items. The buyer cannet see the item.
  • The buyers have rights according to norwegian legislation
  • All expenses for the buyer (shipment etc) must be specified.
  • If you add a picture of the item, your chances of getting the item sold increases

What is a Standard item

This is a traditional auction. The seller specifies an initial price which is the least amount the first bidder might bid. Later bids have to be at least 5% above the previous bid. Bidders might enter limit bids, which means that the system will bid automatically, but always the least possible, for them up to that limit.

Example: Lets assume that a items last bid is NOK 10,- and that you are willing to pay NOK 100,- for this item. You enter NOK 100,- as a limit bid, and the system will automatically bid NOK 11,- on your behalf (NOK 10,- + 5%). If another person bids NOK 20,- on this item, your bid will be raised to NOK 21,- (NOK 20,- + 5%). Nobody else will know that you have entered a limit bid.

What is a Dutch Item

In the US, it is a common misunderstanding that dutch auctions is items where there are more than 1 copy. This is what we call a Wholesale Auction.

A Dutch Item is an item where the initial price is set fairly high. As time goes by, the price falls towards the lower limit entered by the seller. The first one to bid the current price wins the item.

We have adopted this principle to Internet auctions. On a live auction, the price falls quickly if there is no bids. On the Internet, since not every potensial bidder can sit by and watch the auction, we have chosen to let the price fall slowly. We have also added the possibility to enter a reserved bid. If you enter a reserved bid you will win the item if nobody else bid on it untill it reaches your reserved limit.

Current price on a dutch item is shown with two decimals. If you buy the item, the price will be rounded to the nearest krone.

What is a Wholesale Item

A wholesale item is a standard item in several copies. Bidders might bid on 1 or more copies with a single bid.

Bids on a wholesale item is always treated as exact bids.

What is a First bid wins Item

As the name suggests, the first one to bid on an item of this type wins the object. The price will then of course be equal to the initial price set by the seller. The buyer and seller are notified by email at once. There might be several copies of a First bid wins item.



By means of the Grades our users may share their experiences on different sellers and buyers. As a bidder you may look at the sellers grades (displayed on the bidding form) before deciding if you want to bid on an item. As a seller, you may use the buyers grade as an indication on how trustful the buyer is.

On the bidding screen, unless the seller is anonymous, you will find a link to the sellers grade page. Here you may look at the comments other buyers have made about this seller. You should also look at this page in order to find out if there are many or only a few grades entered on this user. If there are only 1 or 2, we advise you not to emphasize the grade to much.

The names of those who entered the grades are available for others. This is done in order to avoid abuse of the system.

If you want to be notified when someone enters a grade on you, you may edit your user settings and select to get an email each time anyone enters/edits a grade on you.

Only persons trading with you may set a grade for you.

Grade types

There are three kinds of grades:

Buyer grade

This grade should reflect how the user acts as a buyer.

Service grade

This grade should indicate service level such as delivery speed and email communication etc.

Description grade

This grade should indicate if the descriptions are correct and trustworthy.

The buyer grades are onlye available for those having sold something to the user. The seller grades are public available.

Grade values

There is no limit on how high a grade might become. You should be on alert if a user has a low grade.

The grades are calculated by means of a complex mathematical formula. Beside the single grades set by different users, the number of transactions between you and the other persons is taken into account.


What do the icons mean

with nn remaining copies.
There are one or more images attached to this item
This item opened for bidding during the last 24 hours
XThis item has not opened yet.
DutchThis item is a dutch item
Wholesale(nn)This item is a wholesale item; nn=number of copies
First(nn)This item is a First bid wins item
This seller is known and recommended by us
vSame as above (used in listings) - This seller is known and recommended by us
This seller has not been evaluated by us