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Persistant login

What does persistant login mean?

By choosing persistant login, you won't have to enter the username and password each time you want to use our system. However, we don't recomend persistant logins. Other persons with access to your computer may then bid in your name and you will be responsible for these bids. Persistant login should only be used by people knowing that no others will use or have access to their computer or browser settings. There are also some other things to consider:

- Persistant login will only work if you use our system from a single browser. You will still be allowed to login from other browsers, bit this will deactivate the first persistant login.
- If you upgrade or change browser, the persistant login might be deactivated.
- Even if you use persistant login, the Logoff function still work. You may therefor use persistant login for a while and then remove it by means of the logoff link.
- If you don't use persistant login, the logon will close if you don't use our systems for a while, finnish your browser or hits the logoff button.