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First Time Registration

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Before you register, we ask you to have a close look at our regulations. After that, push the button at the buttom of the page.


1. Scandinavian Auction Systems AS only provides a service, and are not economically or legally involved in the sales.

2. To buy or sell through our systems, you have to be at least 18 years of age.

3. The ownership of an item goes from seller to buyer when the seller has received money for the item, including fees.

4. It is strictly forbidden to register more than once in the system, as well as to register under a false name and/or address.


5. All bids are in Norwegian krones

6. The first bid on an item have to be at least equal to the minimum bid. Later bids have to be at least 5% higher than the previous bid, rounded up to nearest krone. The 5%-rule do not apply to automatic bids, see 8. On public auctions, special raises applies, according to the table below, as soon as the auctioning of an item has started in the auction premises:

- 25010
250 - 49925
500 - 99950
1.000 - 4.999100
5.000 - 9.999250
10.000 - 24.999500
25.000 - 59.9991.000
60.000 - 99.9992.000
100.000 - 499.9995.000
500.000 -10.000

7. All bidding is anonymous. The seller will only get to know who won an item and to what price.

8. Current bid is available through the system. The current bidder might have entered a limit which is higher than the current bid. Limits are not available to anyone else than the bidder who entered the limit.

9. If there is a limit registered, and another user enters a limit, the bidder with the highest limit gets the highest bid. Current bid is set to 5% above the lower of the two limits, but at most equal to the actual limit. If the two limits are equal, the first bidder gets the bid.
Example: A bidder bids 1.500,- and current bid is set to 1010,-; another bidder bids 2.000,- as a limit. Bidder 2 will now have the current bid at 1.500,- + 5% = 1.575,-

10. Bids can not be withdrawn. Scandinavian Auction Systems AS might consider cancelling a bid if a bidder makes a mistake and reports this to SAS immediately.

11. If you bid for someone else, you are self liable for the amount.

12. If someone bids on an item when it is less than 60 seconds left before the item closes, the auction period will be prolonged to 60 seconds from the bid is registered.

13. When you win an item, you are responsible for finishing up the sale in co-operation with the seller.

14. Entering a bid is an acceptance of these regulations.

Dutch items

15. On a dutch item, the price falls linearly from the outcry towards a minimum price entered by the seller.

16. The first one to bid higher than or equal to the current price wins the item at current price. The price is rounded to the nearest krone.

17. If reserved bids has been entered, and the items price reaches the highest of these without being bought, the one with this highest reserved bid wins the item.

Wholesale items

18. All bids on a wholesale item is treated as exact bids.

19. The bids are ordered by amount, time entered, number of copies.

Provisions and fees

20. All provisions and taxes have to be included in the minimum price. A seller is only allowed to add shipment fees and expenses attached to payment. These expenses have to be specified in the description of the item or in the general message entered in the registration form. Exception: Some professional sellers have a special agreement with Scandinavian Auction Systems, where they are allowd to add a commission (percent) to the final bid. These items are clearly marked on the bid screen.

Sellers obligations

21. Seller might restrict bidding to persons living in certain geographic areas. Such a restriction have to be entered in the description of the item or in the general message entered in the registration form.

22. An item can not be withdrawn after it has been entered into the auction system, and the seller have to sell if valid bids are entered. On all items but dutch items, the initial price equals the least acceptable price. Scandinavian Auction Systems AS might consider removing an item if a seller has done a mistake and reports this mistake immediately after discovery.

23. It is absolutely forbidden to enter items which is against Norwegian legislation, e.g. pornography. The seller holds all responsibilities regarding the legality of own objects.

24. Entering an item is an acceptance of these regulations.

25. As soon as an item has been closed, seller and buyer are obliged to finish up the sale. Scandinavian Auction Systems AS has no obligations in this matter.


26. Scandinavian Auction Systems AS is under no circumstances economically responsible for losses people could have from using our systems.

27. Scandinavian Auction Systems AS can without notice remove items from our systems.

28. Scandinavian Auction Systems AS can without notice restrict access for a user to our systems.

29. In case of system failures, hardware troubles or network errors, Scandinavian Auction Systems AS might prolong auctions

30. Legal steps against Scandinavian Auction Systems AS MUST be directed to Konfliktrådet in Oslo.

Verified sellers

31. tells you that this user is known by us and that we consider buying from this user safe. Our recommandation.

32. If an object is marked with Not verified we ask you to pay attention and be careful.